The Impact Of The E Cig

e-cigaretteukThe E Cig, or E cigarette is taking the marketplace by storm and is gaining popularity each and every day. It has even gotten the attention of the major tobacco companies, because if they don’t pay attention they could face some stiff competition. Lolliard has already purchased Blu Cigs, a leading e cig company.

An electronic cigarette is a hollow tube with a container inside that holds glycol liquid that gets vaporized by a battery powered atomizer. The vapor simulates smoke, and the e smoker inhales and exhales it. The e cigs also offer different flavors in the vapor such as orange, peppermint, strawberry, caramel, lemon, lime, mint, menthol, cigarette tase, and nicotine.

E cigarettes originally came out as a way to quit smoking by offering an e cig with a full load of nicotine, and then by tapering down the dose over a period of time, the person could go completely off of nicotine. It has seemed to work for a lot of people, and yet now people are coming on to e cigarettes simply for the novelty of it all and the fact that they don’t have to inhale tobacco smoke.

When a person smokes (vapes) he or she does not inhale all of the harmful chemicals that tobacco smoke contains, but just a relatively harmless water vapor that has not been proven to have any harmful effects at all. The tobacco smoke with its tars and harmful chemicals has been proven to be the major cause of lung cancer.

With e cigarettes, you get all of the pleasures of smoking without any of the problems or dangers. People are trying out e cigs by the thousands and it looks as though the e cigarette is a product that is here to stay.