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A Look at Whether E-Cigarettes is a Better Alternative to Smoking

e-cigsSome smokers see E-cigarettes as a safer alternative to tobacco smoking, while others use them as a way of quitting. Consumers of e-cigs ask themselves: are electronic cigarettes harmful and safer than normal cigarettes? Currently, they have no way of knowing how much potentially harmful chemicals such as nicotine are inhaled during their use, or if any benefits exist that are associated with using them. Numerous countries are coming up with registrations their use, but proponents claim they are harmless and using them can save millions of lives.

E-cigs are battery operated devices whose working involves heating liquid containing nicotine. Then, the nicotine is inhaled in form of vapor; hence users of e-cigarettes often refer themselves as ‘vapers’ as opposed to smokers. While they do not contain tobacco, nicotine is their key ingredient, which is also found in tobacco plants. Although e-cigs can be used as a stepping stone for ending addiction to nicotine, some vapors view them as method of continuing smoking while reducing the chances of death. This is because many experts are not of the opinion that nicotine is especially harmful despite it being the addictive ingredient in cigarettes. What kills are the tar and other nasty elements in tobacco.

In the absence of studies and research on the effects of long-term vaping, it becomes difficult to state that e-cigs are absolutely safe, but enough is known to safe that compared to the real thing, they are quite safer. In addition, passive smoking does not exist. Some may wonder whether e-cigarettes actually help in quitting. Up to now, researchers are not sure of their effectiveness as an aid to quitting when compared to other therapies like nicotine patches. 25% of all attempts at quitting in the UK are made using e-cigs, hence making it the most popular aid. MHRA, the United Kingdom’s medicines regulatory body believes that over the next decade they could help save over 57000 lives in the country.

However, a wave of legislations poses a threat to e-cigs use across the world. Draft legislation in the European Union will restrict sales within an electronic cigarette shop. The legislation will include a UK version affecting London vapors, and will bring them within medical regulation. Manufacturers will have to be licensed, with the e-cig components clearly labeled together with their exact nicotine content. The products will not be sold or marketed to individuals under the age of sixteen.

Smokers may wonder what is motivating all these legislations if electronic cigs are considered safer. One major concern has something to do with standardization and safety. MHRA, the UK body charged with regulating medicines, says that the currently available e-cigs do not meet appropriate quality, safety and efficacy standards. Anecdotal reports point out to the perils caused by variations in quality of the products, such as facial burns if the vaporizer explodes in the smoker’s face. It has also been found out that the doses of nicotine vary between doses. Also, the doses vary from the levels advertised on labels, while the e liquid ingredients are not listed.

Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Contain Any Toxic Chemicals

e-cigs-uk-onlineDo not let the looks of traditional cigarettes fool you. They contain tobacco leaves wrapped in white paper. However, once ignited, they release toxic smoke that contains microscopic particles of thousands of dangerous chemicals of which 70 are known to cause cancer. Some of these life threatening chemicals include cadmium, arsenic, chromium, and benzene. However, fumes emitted by an electronic cigarette does not contain any such chemicals. In fact, the fumes released by electronic cigarettes contain only water vapour and nicotine. The latter is an addictive drug, but is non carcinogenic in nature. This is why an increasing number of smokers are switching over to e cigs.

However, individuals should take a wise decision before purchasing an e cig from an online shop. Lured by the amount of profit this product is generating, certain companies, owned by unscrupulous people, manufacture and market e cigarettes that do not meet health standards. These manufacturers use sub standard materials in products manufactured by them, in order to cut down on costs. This results in low quality digital cigarettes. According to official records, there are instances where an e cigarette has exploded, while being smoked, causing serious injuries to the smoker. A purchaser needs to be aware of such facts before purchasing e-cigs from online stores.

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